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If you get a call from a Magazine solication company called Seven one Six services just hang up they are out to scam you. If you sign up then you think you've payed the required amount but they call and say that they are from a lawyers office and are wanting more money from you.

Its bogus!!!!

The company and the law firm are just out to scam you. I've been fighting with these people for 2 years and have no idea how to resolve it please help.

Elaine from Iowa

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Ugh. I'm dealing with them as well right now.

Just called me and said they were taking me to court in new York. What?!?! I live in Illinois.

Told me I'd get grand larceny if I didn't and would get criminal charges against me because I'm behind on my payment. Lady said she was kaitlyn Alyssa from a law firm but I Google the number and it came up as 716

Afton, New York, United States #707400

I am down to my last payment of &46.00, Then I receive a letter in the mail that they are going to send my account to collections. Then I receive a phone call saying they want $119.60, to avoid collections and go on my credit report.

:? What a scam!


I just filed with the BBB on this company. I am not going to be harassed by them at work anymore. I recommend everyone to do this!!!



I receivced the same phone call from a Steven Castello saying he was a investigator and this was a court call...he went on to say that I will have court next week & that I will be charged with perjury, treson & a felony!! They are crazy people, that think everyone is a complete idoit to believe them.

I told him there is no way I know my right as a consumer, after all I am a debt collector. I can't even begin to tell you how many laws they are breaking!

I will be contacted the BBB, my states Attorney General & a lawyer. Check out for all the FDCPA laws.(Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)


I have been dealing with them for some months now. I didn't realize that this was a big scam until now.

They have told me that I was going to collections and then told me that it was going to the lawyer but as long as I kept in touch with them that I could make a payment arrangment and it would be ok. I lost my job and couldn't pay and today I get a call from an Investgator Steven Castello. He said he is from MI and that he repersents the state in matters like this because I am to appear in court on the 22nd In NY by the way. I said I can't make it to Ny I have no money and I don't know what to do.

I looked this up online and I have found all these people that make complaints.

So I now know it is a scam and when this guy calls me back I am going to tell him so. I don't know what will happen but I will up date you.


They called me a liar, even though I had copiesd of the cancelled check. AVOID them at all cost!!!!!!


I also received a phone call at work to sign up for this b.s. I was told that they were contacting women of businesses to offer them free magazine subscriptions all you had to do was pay 63 cents a magazine to mail.

The lady said they were non profit and asked me not to throw out my magazines but to pass them on when I was done. I was trying to get off the phone and said that's fine. Three days later a man shows up at my office and asks me to pick out the 5 mags that I want and for two months payment which was $26! I was confused but he told me my next payment would not be until November.

I did not even get my first magazine until December. I set up auto pay but keep getting phone calls saying I'm a month behind. I told the man I have documentation for every on time payment from my bank. He said he would look into it and hung up.

Didn't hear anything for over a month and now I received a letter saying I owe $53.30? Every times call they hang up or dont answer. I tried to cancel but was told I couldn't and that it was reported to credit departments. I am furious and do not even receive my magazines monthly!

I talked to my mom who is a paralegal and she informed me that since the misrepresented themselves I can get out of it, but I have no way to prove it! This is RIDICULOUS!


Everyone should file a complaint against both companies and get them off the map. I am so upset about the way they conduct business. :(


I filed a complaint with the BBB. Why?

Because the first woman mispresented herself. Said she was an attorney for the 2430 Inc. Law Firm. When I found out, I called her on it.

She said she never said that to me. These two companies treat you as if you are a second class citizen. They do all but call you a liar. When I filed my complaint with BBB, this woman called me a lair (Rebecca) even after I faxed her the information.

They tell you that they are different companies.

They are not. If you look on letters from 2430 Inc. and sevenonesix services, they have the same mailing address, fax number, phone number. There is a person by the name of G.

Louisos, Department Manager, that I do not believe that exist. When I goggled 2430 Inc. it shows only Kathleen Brandi as owner of this so-called operation. And when I tried to speak with her, she would not answer my calls.

I wrote her as well, but she refused to answer my letter. It is unfortunate that so many people became involved in this bogus operation.

I hope to clear this up soon. :(

to Susan #1315197

Please be advised, Kathleen Brandi has no affiliation with this company whatsoever.


This place did the same for me, came to my work place I just signed the papers to get them out of here and now this man claiming to be a private detective claimed his name was Joseph Stafford calling me from the court house on Veterans Day no less, but couldn\'t give me a phone number to call him back or an agency that he worked for a supervisors name or anything. He threatened my co-worker with being put in jail if he didn\'t put me on the phone.

I also called my local police department and they too informed me not to give anyone any type of information. Once I told the man this he hung up.


My daughter's friend has been paying about $200 at a time to this "company" for so-called late fees and various other fees over and above his monthly charge. They have called his place of work, claimed to be an attorney who will garnish his wages, etc.

They "order" magazines for him he has not asked for too. Yes, they are incredibly rude, intimidating, and misleading at best.

If you paid by check by phone, you should be in luck. You should be able to go to your bank and request that they reverse the charges made to your account, all of them, every charge from that company to your account.

Get your money back and block them from being able to charge your account. Payments by Credit or Debit card may not be as easy to get your money back.

Don't let them intimidate you or harrass you. Contact your bank ASAP :)


So I fell for the *** a%$ scam and they have been contacting my work, my cell phone at all hours of the day (and very very rude at that) I informed them that I have currently lost a large source of my income they stated I had to pay $700+ to get caught up on my account. Well then today I open the mail and my WORK and they have sent my employeer an employment varification form to update address phone number and if Im still employed with them..WHAT DO WE DO TO STOP THESE CRAZY PEOPLE FROM HARRASSING US???? argghhh so frustrated Can they legally go after us?


I just had yet another call from this company. I had sent them a fax in the beginning of July to not call me at all.

They stated that they have no record of that in my file. Last month, I had also contacted the BBB of New York about this company. They have sided with 7-1-6 serivces. This company's manager had lied to them about everything to make me look like the bad person.

I don't know what to do anymore. I want to be so done with this company. But they are not making things easy.

They had there "lawyer" call me.. fun thing is when I called customer service today to inform them that they were not to call, the same person that was suppose to be the "lawyer" answered the phone as customer service.



I was at work and answered the phone and was told about this great magazine deal. I was half listening to the pitch while i was trying to help a customer in my store.

To end the call i agreed to get the magazines. The next day at work someone showed up to sign me up. So i signed the papers to get them out of my work place. After signing the papers i was asked for 2mo payment.

I paid it and went about the rest of the day. About a week later i tried to cancel the service and was informed that i could not cancel the service i missed the 3 day grace period. i fell behind in the payments and received a phone call from a man threatening me. He said I have a court date in NY, in 8 days that i must be there for or go to jail.

On the paperwork i filled out i gave a family members name and # as an emergency contact and she must appear in court also or go to jail too. After talking to me and not accepting my payment arrangement of paying it 3 days later, he contacted this family member and asked her for the payment and when she refused to pay because he wouldn\'t give her any info such as a phone # he could be reached at and the name of the company he worked for he hung up on her. My family member was concerned it was a scam so she called the local police. They informed her and me not to give any information or $ to his man unless he had documentation to give to us.

I informed my husband what was going on and gave him a heads up that he would be getting a phone call. When the man called back wanting a payment i informed him what the police department had told us. He demand the name and badge # of the officer i talked to so he could have them fired. My husband called me to let me know that he had gotten his phone call.

Knowing the things i told him he informed the man he also thought it was a scam and would not pay him. My husband was then threatened to be sued for giving misinformation. So now after 3 phone calls, Myself and my husband and my 85yr old family member are being threatened with being sued for harassment because we interrupted him while he was talking and being rude to him, falsifying documents, not making payments on the magazines and obstructing justice.

And because we made references to consulting an attorney he wants our attorneys name to have him disbarred. After hours of listing to this guy tell me i am worthless and how bad of a person i am, and him demanding that everyone he talked to today give him an apology before he will accept a payment i received a # of someone that could really help me with resolving my problem.


I just got off the phone with someone from there. I told him that I want to cancel b/c I was not happy with the service or the magazines that I am getting.

They will not let you out of the contract or cancel. He suggested that I take my contract to a lawyer to go over it.

And that he will send me a list of magazines that I can choose from. :x


I have also been dealing with these a@#es. after missing payments they jack up the next payment-can't wait to be done with these people-they now have a "lawyer" calling me-usually a company sends delinquent accounts to a collection agency-they send theirs to a "lawyer" who convieniently works in an office that is another place 716 is listed as.

I have put in complaints with the better business bureau and nothing has happened. I also contacted rolling stone magazine (this is one i get through 716) and they have no idea who 716 is!! never heard of them!! 716 is supposed to be a magazine distributing company and this place has never heard of them!!!

They have had MANY complaints against them-nothing happens to them.

DO NOT sign a contract with them-You CAN NOT cancel membership after 3 days. They say it is FREE mags. then after you agree they charge you for postage? mags dont charge for postage!

by the time I am done paying I will be out 700.00 for mags!!!! this place is horrible-It would be cheaper to pay a yearly subscription fee for the mags!!!!!

Please do not get sucked in!!! if they call you-HANG UP-DO NOT talk to them


I think we should all get a letter together and take that Seven-One Six so called magazine company down where they really should be. Everyone has told me they are a scam.

How do we prove it???? :grin


they are calling me everyday, saying that the are going to take me to court if I dont pay. I was not happy with the magazines.

sometimes I got one & then for awhile I got NONE!!!!! Is that Seven-One Six Services for REAL???? Cause I know one thing they are rude on the phone.

So I quit answering. :?

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